Replacement Business Telephones

We take out of service working business telephones, test them, clean, refurbish them, and sell them as refurbished with a one year warranty.

Our refurbished telephones have a very low failure rate.

NEC Replacement Phones

We have a completer line of NEC phones that are less then 20 years old. Models include the older I Series, Aspire, DS1000, DS2000, NEC DSX, Onyx, Nitsuko, SV8100 and 9100 2000 to 2400 series and more.

Phones for a Panasonic

We have lots a Panasonic Phones stacked up to the ceiling for systems such as the the VB phones for the KX-TA624, and 1232 analog systems, the KX-TD816, 1232 and the KX-TD308 phone systems plus all of the latest model KX-TDA and TDE model Panasonic Phone Systems.

Avaya Replacement Phones

Is stille a very popular phone system with many older Partner phone systems still in service today.

Samsung Replacement Officeserv Phones

One of the more well known phone system manufactures since the beginning of the business phone era.

Phones for older Comdial Systems

Has been bought out by Vertical lately. We have a lot of older our of service and refurbished Comdial Phones in stock and ready for more service.

Intertel Replacement Phones

Some of the more older model Intertel phones such as the GLX are getting to be harder to come by.  The most popular Intertel system is the Intertal Access and we have lots a phones and expansion card to keep your intertel phone system up and rinign for some time to come.

Replacement Phones for Toshiba Systems

Not as popluar of a business phone system although we have quite a stock of telephones available for the Toshiba brand.

Replacement Nortel Telephones

Before being taken over by Avaya, the Nortel Norstar phone system have truely been one of the most popularly sold phone system of all times.

Mitel Business Phones

Truely a long time player in the business phone world with a specialty in the Hospitality industry.